3 Ways to Preserve Food to Enhance Your Survival

When visiting food stores, people are driven to believe that food shortage cannot occur at all due to the idle lying food on the shelves.

But food shortage is always an inevitable situation especially with the growing population and reduction in the number of farmers. People, therefore, need to learn the best ways to preserve foods such that in the event of inflation, high prices or complete shortage in supply and production, they would be in a position to survive.

Below are some of the simple ways of preserving food that people can use:

1. Freezing

Freezing is the common method that people use to preserve food. But what would you do if you don’t have a fridge and you still have to preserve food? It’s simple, just take ice and cover whatever the food that you want to preserve with it. Food should be kept at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius to ensure that it does not spoil quickly. For the ice to stay for long time and preserve the food for long, consider covering it with sawdust to mitigate its quick melting speed.

2. Cooling

Keeping pieces of meat, fresh milk and raw fruits for a few days do not need much or intense freezing. You can use the evaporation based coolers to preserve the food for days or weeks. You can make these coolers on your own by obtaining two porous vessels. The vessels should be a bigger and a smaller one so that the smaller one fits in, the bigger one and leaves an all-round vertical space. In between this space, you can fill it with sand, papers or anything that would work to block temperature alteration inside the cooler.

3. Dehydrating the Food

This method is excellent, especially when preserving meat and sea food. It removes the water from the food making sure that all food remains intact and unconducive for any bacteria. It works well when combined with salting because salt scares the bacteria away while the drying keeps the food intact without rotting. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the ones that can be properly preserved through these means. Make sure that you start the dehydrating process 6-12 hours after you source the products from the store.

Preserving food for survival purposes should be done with carefulness because you could expose yourself to bacterial infection if the food is not well preserved. Always make sure that you choose the right method for the right food. There are some other traditional methods like canning and honey smearing, but it needs to be done with care.

Writen by Nela Paez